Putting pen to paper

Scott Baggett @ 2021-08-15 22:34:11 -0700

Writing is not an easy procedure; therefore, students often find it challenging to complete their college assignments. Students with excellent writing skills can get better grades. A teacher is responsible for helping students in writing. As a teacher, you can motivate your students to write assignments, essays, and exams. Students have to work hard to improve their writing skills. A teacher can ask for Student Share in writing. Here are some tips that can help you to motivate students to develop their academic writing skills.

Penalize Poor Assignments and Encourage Good Assignments

You can increase the performance of your students by appreciating them for their writing efforts. Give your students some bonus points for their excellent writing efforts. Inform your students that poor writing can bring the opposite results, such as penalization. Tell them the importance of effective writing. You can’t score well with only good ideas. Your writing skills are equally important. To improve their writing, ask them to work on their grammar.

Work on the Mindset of Students

Providing your students with clear expectations and rules is not enough. Each student needs your special attention. You can use a combination of instructive and non-instructive methods. Tell your students that writing skills are essential for their whole life, not only for their academic years. You can give some examples of people who can’t grab great career opportunities because of their bad writing skills. Explain to them that writing can make things easy in their life.